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Karen Kent

Legal Assistant to Leon Bass 


P:  614.3340.7186

Leon D. Bass, Esq. 


P:  614-431-2277

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-Leon Bass


***Please note that an attorney-client relationship is not formed solely by sending us communications by web form, email or by telephone.  In order to engage our firm, we must  agree to the representation after we discuss your matter and run a conflict check, and  you agree to our retainer agreement. ***

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25 Years
    In Practice        1998--2023

Karen Kent

Legal Assistant to Leon Bass 


P:  614.334.7186

Leon D. Bass 


P:  614-431-2277 (call/text)

(New clients by appointment only)

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Office Locations:

Taft's Columbus Office is located in the Huntington Center on Capitol Square in downtown Columbus:

41 S. State St.  Ste. 1800

Columbus, OH 43215





For other office locations, see here.

*Leon Bass is licensed as an attorney to practice law in Ohio and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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