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You are your trademark.  Your trademark is your brand, and your brand represents your business.  Safeguarding trademarks and branding is essential to preserving a company’s identity, reputation and culture.  Trademarks can be more than just a name or logo. Any mark, including words or combinations of words, stylized words, graphic logos, and event designs, trade dress, and colors, can be a trademark.  A trademark or service mark is a mark used in commerce that identifies the source of the goods or services being provided.


Leon Bass has twenty years of experience protecting brands and trademarks.  We offer a full range of legal services related to the searching and securing  of new trademarks, enforcement and defense of infringing use, complying with advertising regulations and monitoring for dilution, and defending counterfeit marks.


We routinely work with business owners, advising on trademark, service mark, and branding-related issues and, when appropriate, integrate our legal team with marketing professionals to identify problems before they develop, not after.


Trademark searching and prosecution of applications for trademark registration are traditional elements of our practice. With a streamlined approach, our team advises clients how to efficiently use resources to identify potential problems and risks with proposed trademarks, to enforce trademarks, and if needed, we help them develop a cost-efficient program to monitor for online abuse.

Protect Your Trademark & Brand:

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25 Years
    In Practice        1998--2023

Karen Kent

Legal Assistant to Leon Bass 


P:  614.334.7186

Leon D. Bass 


P:  614-431-2277 (call/text)

(New clients by appointment only)

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Office Locations:

Taft's Columbus Office is located in the Huntington Center on Capitol Square in downtown Columbus:

41 S. State St.  Ste. 1800

Columbus, OH 43215





For other office locations, see here.

*Leon Bass is licensed as an attorney to practice law in Ohio and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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