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Copyrights can be extremely valuable assets. A copyright is an original work of expression that is fixed in a tangible form.  For example, copyrights relate to creative works such as:

  • Books

  • Paintings

  • Photography

  • Films

  • Videos

  • Musical compositions (lyrics and melodies)

  • Sound Recordings

  • Computer software

  • Plays

  • Architectural drawings


A copyright provides the owner with the right to reproduce, copy, distribute, adapt, perform or display that material, as well as to prevent others from using it in those ways. 

Registration has its privileges.


Registration of copyrights with the United States copyright office is vital because it provides important rights and remedies to a copyright owner.  These rights include the right to sue and collect statutory damages, in some cases up to $150,000, as well as attorney's fees.  Without registration at the time of infringement, a copyright cannot collect statutory damages or attorney's fees.


Businesses interact with copyrighted material every day, sometimes without appreciating the importance of compliance with the U.S. Copyright Act. We can help businesses navigate the complexities of copyright compliance, licensing and enforcement:


  • Copyright registration.

  • Website content protection.

  • Compliance with website safe harbor provisions.

  • Software code.

  • Music licensing and royalty evaluation.

  • Architectural design protection and enforcement.

  • Litigation over unauthorized uses of copyrights.

  • Internet policing, including Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance and take-downs.

  • License agreements.

  • Litigation of copyright claims

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