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Practice Areas:

Intellectual Property


Intellectual property is a significant asset in today’s economy.  Protecting that asset is critical. Intellectual property is more than trademarks, copyrights, & patents  - it is the people, practices and big ideas that keep a business running. No matter the industry, organizations need legal counsel that can identify, protect and enforce their ongoing IP rights and that can secure their freedom to operate in the marketplace.​ 


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Trademark Law

You are your trademark.  Your trademark is your brand, and your brand represents your business.  Trademarks can be more than just a name or logo. Any mark, including words or combinations of words, stylized words, graphic logos, and event designs, trade dress, and colors, can be a trademark.  Leon Bass has twenty years of experience protecting brands and trademarks.  


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Copyright Law

Copyrights can be a valuable asset.​ Registration is key because it provides important rights and remedies to a copyright owner such as the right to sue and collect statutory damages, in some cases up to $150,000, as well as attorney's fees.  Without registration at the time of infringement, a copyright cannot collect statutory damages or attorney's fees.


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Trade Secret Law

We can provide assistance with Drafting and reviewing non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, counseling on ways to protect trade secrets, litigation (enforcement or defense) of trade secret claims, and litigation (enforcement or defense) of non-disclosure or non-compete agreement claims.   


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Entertainment Law & Media Law 

With over 22 years of entertainment industry experience, Leon Bass has have a diverse skill set that matches the variety of legal issues media and entertainment clients face.  We help clients protect and license  intellectual property assets, complying with advertising regulations as well as protecting and overcoming first amendment rights.​ 


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Litigation - Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Entertainment, Publicity & Defamation, Contracts, & Business

W​e have the resources, knowledge and experience to respond quickly and forcefully to our clients' needs for litigation services and to meet any challenge. Taft attorneys have represented clients in a broad range of industries involving all aspects of IP rights, and have demonstrated success in bench and jury trials and appeals in federal and state courts, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Taft is recognized for IP litigation in the IAM Patent 1000 rankings.​ 


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Start-ups, New Businesses & Contract Law 

Leon Bass loves to work with the entrepreneurial.  For 20 years, Leon has assisted new business owners form new businesses from the ground up.  Leon's experience and hindsight will give you the foresight to start your business off right and sustain it as it grows. ​ 


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Outside General Counsel 

With over 22 years of experience in the legal industry, Leon can provide hindsight and foresight to your growing business.  For businesses that do not yet have in-house counsel or otherwise need additional support, Leon can serve as an outside general counsel role by assisting with the identification of legal issues and the execution of their resolution.​ 


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Sponsorship, Contests, and Sweepstakes Law

When it comes to marketing and growing your business, running a contest or sweepstakes is a powerful marketing tool.  However, the legal web surrounding these promotions can be complex as there are differing state and federal laws that require strict compliance.   Some states require cumbersome registration requirements, for example. 


That said, running a promotion can be worthwhile, and we can help you remove the legal risks and quickly walk you through the legal steps to. We can streamline your process to get you to the point of launch faster and more effectively.  If you are about to launch a promotion that involves a contest, sweepstakes, drawing, or similar promotion, contact us, and we will walk you through the legal issues. 


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Franchise Law

We offer a broad range of legal services to franchisors, franchisees, associations of franchisees, managers and distributors. We can assist clients in preparing Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars, franchise agreements, area agreements and related contracts, evaluating franchises, negotiating franchise agreements, and in litigation and other dispute resolution procedures. Taft also represents manufacturers and distributors in managing, terminating and restructuring the distribution relationship.​


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Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Leon has served on the Columbus Bar Association's Professional Ethics Committee, the Virgin Islands Supreme Court's attorney ethics committee, and the Virgin Islands Bar Association's unauthorized practice of law committee.  Taft attorneys are frequently referred to as the “lawyer’s lawyers” for their ability to provide sound counsel on matters of ethics and professional responsibility to those in the legal community and other professions. A wide range of professionals, including lawyers, judges and other officeholders, turn to Taft for counsel and representation concerning ethics rule interpretation, grievance or complaint responses, substance abuse cases, litigation and unauthorized practice of law charges. Our attorneys also provide counseling and other support to participants in the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program.​  


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    In Practice        1998--2023

Karen Kent

Legal Assistant to Leon Bass 


P:  614.334.7186

Leon D. Bass 


P:  614-431-2277 (call/text)

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Office Locations:

Taft's Columbus Office is located in the Huntington Center on Capitol Square in downtown Columbus:

41 S. State St.  Ste. 1800

Columbus, OH 43215





For other office locations, see here.

*Leon Bass is licensed as an attorney to practice law in Ohio and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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