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Register your Trademarks and Copyrights


Trademark and copyright Registration is key step to protecting your IP assets.  We can help assure that you properly protect your assets by performing due diligence searches prior to your use or registration to ensure that you own your assets and maintain ownership with little or no risk of litigation or future problems. 

In order to begin the process, we will need the following information: 



  • Your proposed trademark(s).  This can be in word form, logo form, or both. 

  • The date you first used the trademark in commerce, or your anticipated date of first use.

  • The goods or services that you are using the mark with, and any goods or services that you plan to use the mark with in the future

  • The owner of the mark (person or business entity that owns or will own the mark) along with mailing address. 

  • Whether or not you are using the mark in more than one state or U.S. territory.

  • If you have registered similar marks before, please let us know.

  • If you are currently using the mark, we will need a "specimen" showing how you use the mark such as a website, photo of product packaging, point of sale display, or other marketing materials. 

Register your trademarks >



  • The Author's or Authors' full name and address and country of citizenship or domicile, along with their Year of birth

  • The claimant's (the person that will own the copyright) full name and address and country of citizenship

  • Whether or not the work is a work for hire

  • The title of the “work”

  • The year of completion

  • The date of publication (if it has been published anywhere)

  • A copy of the work to deposit at the Library of Congress (.mp3's suffice and are preferred). NOTE-if the work is software, you do not need to deposit the entire code. We will provide more information prior to filing the application).

  • Description of what is and is not being registered:  For example, please note any part of the work that is NOT original, e.g. are there pictures, drawings, text, etc. that was created by someone else and is therefore not part of your copyright claim?   Is this a derivative work, and thus the original work is not included in your copyright claim?   Did you add anything to an existing work or copyright?  


Register your Copyright >

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